Where it all started

In 2007 Erik has developed the first Modu-tool.
Technicians used to do maintenance with multiple service tools or even none. One for each elevator brand.

There was a huge demand for faster and more efficient maintenance, so Modusystem developed a hand terminal which supports all the five big elevator brands.

The first Modu-tool was black, and 10 inch. When the market developed LED backlights, the Modu-tool got the newest display, the colour of the Modu-tool became blue, and the tool was made smaller to 7 inch.

Because the Modu-tool is a modular device, we improve it each year by renewing the processors and software.

We’ve sold over 700 Modu-tools worldwide. Our knowledge about elevator controls increased and we started to develop our first monitoring system in 2013.

We’ve already developed the third generation of the Modu-view in September 2018.
The Modu-tool and the Modu-view form the newest solutions of controlling elevators.

Modu-view from the inside


Over the past years Modusystem has found several trustworthy business partners. A.P.R. Elektronika Productie B.V. is our local production supplier.

Because they are close to us we have the possibility to deliver small amounts and guarantee good quality products and fast delivery times.

Together with Langer & Laumann Ing.- Büro GmbH we create interfaces for the door boxes of Langer & Laumann. Digital Advanced Control is our distributor of Modu-views in the UK.

We are very proud we may call them our partners.

Modusystem is always open-minded when it comes to new collaborations with refreshing partners.

Desk in an office with people working

The office

In the last past years our company has grown from a one-man business to a fully-fledged sales and development team. However, we are still a small company which has close personal contact with its customers.

We keep our suppliers close as well, but our sale is worldwide.
We are located at a beautiful countryside in the Netherlands. Our building consists of an office, a Research and Development Centre and a Training Centre.

Our Training Centre is unique because we have several real-time elevator controllers which are available for technicians to practice on during one of our training’s.

Feel free to visit our company to meet our staff and see where it all happens.


Our tools are compatible with all currently available elevator maintenance tools for Otis, Orona, Kone, Schindler and Thyssen controllers. It connects to all supported controllers using the included cable specifically designed for this purpose.

Quick and Easy Install

Our solutions are easy to install and configure and the systems can be up and running in a very short time.


After purchasing the Modu-tool or Modu-view, our job isn’t done yet. If you may have any questions about the product or the operation, don’t hesitate to ask for support. You are also able to follow one of our courses to become an expert in maintaining your elevators.


Below you can find a few of our partners which make Modusystem to a success.

Logo from our partner Langer & Laumann
Logo from our partner Digital Advanced Control
Logo from our partner Elektronika Productie BV

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