Welcome to our new website!

One of the new features of our website is the client area. From now on you can easily download the latest software updates for your Modu-tools online.


How to?

It’s very easy! Just go to the client area and create an account. Fill in your company details and add the serial numbers of all the Modu-tools the company possesses. It’s very important to fill in all numbers, because each serial number has its own customized update. It’s also possible to add new serial numbers later on.


And then?

We’ll verify your account within 24 hours. From then on you will be able to download the latest software versions for your Modu-tools. When you want to add a new serial number after you’ve signed up for the client area, you also need to wait for our verification.


Get the latest updates

The type of update you receive depends on the licence you have (free or paid). Having the latest update does make life of a technician easier. These updates contain many fault codes and access to more elevator controllers.

When you subscribe to our newsletter and check out our Youtube, you’ll certainly stay up-to-date regarding the updates for the Modu-tool.


So sign up and download the newest updates!

For more information about the client login, click here.┬áIf you still may have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

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