The back of the Modu-view

We bring the lift controller to YOU

The Modu-view is a cost efficient IoT/monitoring system for all Otis, Orona, Schindler, Kone, Thyssen and open elevator controllers.
It provides an in-depth look at the current state and history of the elevator.


Elevator technicians and owners will be able to get better insight into the behavior of their elevators on our web-based monitoring platform and will be notified by e-mail of any irregularities.

Because the Modu-view is connected directly to the elevator controller it is able to provide a high level of detail as well as a quick and easy installation.

The Modu-view makes it possible to:

  • See the current state of your elevators
  • Analyze the history of your elevators
  • Download fault codes
  • Read out inputs
  • Receive notifications for errors (and custom conditions)


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Elevator monitoring on another device
Connect Modu-view for live monitoring

Connection and live monitoring

Connect the Modu-view to the elevator controller by RS232, Ethernet or CAN-bus depending on the type of controller.
Verify that the status LEDs on the front of the Modu-view are on.
When all LEDs are on you can find the elevator listed on your dashboard in our online monitoring platform.


The back of the Modu-view
The back of the Modu-view
The back of the Modu-view
Elevator systems from the inside with a Modu-view connected
Erik giving a training about Modusystem their products

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