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About Modusystem

Welcome to the Modusystem website!
Here you can find all information about our products, services, and

In 2007 Erik has developed the first Modu-tool.
Technicians used to do maintenance with multiple service tools or even none. One for each elevator brand.
There was a huge demand for faster and more efficient maintenance, so Modusystem developed a hand terminal which supports all the five big elevator brands.

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Why Choose Our Tools For
Elevator Monitoring


Maintenance for multiple brands with just one

Predictive maintenance by
analyzing the history of
the elevator.

The Benefits of Modusystem



Our tools are compatible with all currently available elevator maintenance tools for Otis, Orona, Kone, Sch and Thyssen controllers. It connects to all supported controllers using the included cable specifically designed for this purpose.


Quick and Easy Install

Our solutions are easy to install and configure and the systems can be up and running in a very short time.



After purchasing the Modu-tool or Modu-view, our job isn’t done yet. If you may have any questions about the product or the operation, don’t hesitate to ask for support. You are also able to follow one of our courses to become an expert in maintaining your elevators.

Our Services

Our Modu-tool and Modu-view are affordable solutions for monitoring
the lift control. Take a course to learn to fully understand your lifts
and to solve break-downs.

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