• Modu-tool

    A better way to connect to elevator controllers
    The Modu-tool is an eleveator maintenace hand-terminal, with a semi-
    rugged buikd and a 7" touchscreen. It enables you to read out logs.
    /change parameters, check the I/O status and more.

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The Modu-tool combines and improves on the currently available elevator maintenance tools for Otis, Orona, Kone, Sch and Thyssen controllers.

It connects to all supported controllers using the included cable specifically designed for this purpose.

Certain controllers use proprietary interfaces that require the use of adapters that will be supplied.

The Modu-tool is developed continuously to keep up with the latest elevator controller techniques.

With the Modu-tool you get:

  • 7” TFT touchscreen
  • 4h battery life
  • Unified elevator service tool interface
  • Integrated fault descriptions
  • Download parameters to USB
  • A Manual


An introduction to the Modu-tool

Why you should use the Modu-tool with your elevator maintaining?
We explain you shortly the functions of the Modu-tool and how this tool
can help you with maintaining your elevator.

Explain the Modu-tool on all Sch Bionic controllers

With this video we like to show the benefit of the Modu-tool on the Sch Bionic controllers. This are the controllers from the first smart series, 3100 series, 3300 series, 5300 series and the 6300 series (complete Bionic line). With the Modu-tool we make this controller an “OPEN“ controller and without a Modu-tool it is hard to maintain the bionic series.

Also the newer controller are closed( locked) and we make it open again. Also we show to read, Status , fault codes, sim card, input and make a data trace of the complete controller.

We can save all the data what is on the screen on a usb stick to build up a data base for this type of controllers.


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